Tips to reduce plastic waste suggested by Jani Plastics
  1. Make & use paper bags from old news papers.

  2. Prefer paper cartons over plastic bottles.

  3. Re-use bottles, containers & jars.

  4. Bring your own canvas bag to shop.

  5. Use matches, not plastic lighters.

  6. Skip frozen food sections at store.

  7. Use cloth diapers.

  8. Make your own bread, yogurt & fresh juices.

  9. Say no to plastic plant pots.

  10. Use baking soda & vinegar for cleaning tiles instead of plastic bottled cleaners.

  11. Skip the disposable razor.

  12. Use bar soap to wash your dishes.

  13. Use re-cycled plastics for Art & Craft.

  14. Use paper tape instead of Scotch tape when mailing large items.

  15. Avoid buying items packaged in plastic.

  16. Wear clothing made from natural (not synthetic) materials.

  17. Employ glass usage for staff tea/coffee at office instead of plastic cups.

  18. Buy condiments that come in glass jars instead of plastic squeeze bottles.
Courtesy - Jani Plastics [].